The Benefits of Rose Water

In ancient times, Emperor Nero would fill fountains with roses so his party guests could be spritzed with aromatic rose water and Cleopatra had such a strong fondness for roses she’d bathe in rose water and have rose petals scattered on her palace floors. Rose water has many benefits and we wanted to share with you some of our favourite qualities of this magical elixir.

  ○  It’s great for the skin. Rose water was a staple in Cleopatra’s beauty regime and was highly regarded in ancient Rome for its anti-aging properties (it contains Vitamin E). It also helps maintain the skin’s pH balance and discourages the production of excess oil so it works wonders on oily skin. Additionally, it has antibacterial properties and helps heal cuts and minor scrapes. 

  ○  In its purest form, it can be used as a makeup remover and toner. Rose water is an effective cleanser and also nourishes the skin while cleaning pores. When mixed with coconut oil, it can be an effective makeup remover.

  ○  It aids in digestion. According to legend, Michelangelo used to add rose water to his tea every day.

  ○  Rose water is a natural conditioner and it combats fizziness, dandruff and inflammations of the scalp. It also adds a healthy sheen to hair.  

  ○  It has calming properties and is beneficial for headaches and in treating anxiety. Many people add rose water to their humidifiers and rub it on their temples, ankles and feet.


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