Come with us on a sensory journey through the streets of Santorini.
Dance the cobble stone alley ways & feel the sun on your skin.   

The whitewashed houses of this tiny island cling to cliffs above an underwater caldera crater.
Surrounded by azure waters of the Aegean Sea, beaches are made up of black, red and white lava pebbles.
The local people are relaxed & everything feels a little slower, closer to nature.  

This was the perfect location to shoot Nala, Arnhem's first conscious collection.
Set against heritage abodes & olive trees, the garments just WORK.  

We hope this collection inspires your next vacay (or staycay - we love these too!) 

•  With special thanks to the dream team  

PHOTOGRAPHER  |  Amberly Valentine
PRODUCTION  |  We Are The Wild Girls 
MUSE  |  Camilla Christensen
STYLING  |  Minna Attala
H & M  |  Aura Make Up Art

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For the girl with the moon on her mind and salt water in her soul.

Siren & Muse